Royal Albert Hall

CBFS’s long association with Royal Albert Hall began with a strategic review of the catering service, which then led to the recommendation to issue a public tender for the catering services.

In order to be successful, we had to understand the demands of this unique space and appreciate the wishes and vision of all key stakeholders. We also carried out a full review of all similar establishments and assessed its catering offer.

CBFS created most of the tender documents and played a leading role in managing the process, before sitting on the tender committee and contributing significantly to the outcome of the process.

CBFS was then engaged as food and beverage consultant to The Hall, advising on day-to-day management of the contract, and carrying out a number of strategic reviews.

CBFS continues to review the catering service on behalf of The Hall. We also work in partnership with the caterer, Rhubarb Food Design, adding creative and consultative input into its ongoing strive for perfection in a challenging and competitive market. As such we attend menu tastings and creative development workshops, often facilitating the sessions.

On behalf of The Hall, CBFS also carries out independent strategic evaluations of various potential developments. The Hall has an ongoing development plan and we are proud to be trusted with advising on the direction of a national institution.

During our tenure, we have seen The Hall grow in terms of revenue, reputation and hospitality excellence, and look forward to helping with future opportunities to grow the business further.