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Case Study

CBFS works with many big businesses, but just as important is our work with single site or small chains.

When we met Susana Pascoal she had recently expanded her Portuguese Café and wine bar into an adjoining site in Seven Dials, Covent Garden. However, the increased rent and move towards a more full dining experience had led to staffing, financial and guest experience problems.

CBFS repositioned the business as a café, where it had been successful before, and introduced operating procedures and management systems alongside hands on kitchen and front of house training.

In addition, CBFS instigated a transparent reporting structure and helped Susana recruit an entire new team.

With CBFS’s guidance, Canela has turned loss into profit, and the burden of day-to-day operational management has been lifted from the owner. Confidence has returned to the team and the owners, and an expansion plan is now underway.

CBFS continues to act as a non-executive director, where we utilise a number of the team to provide the right support, as and when needed.

CBFS provides hands on leadership as well as director level support, inspiring and guiding the Canela team by example.

“CBFS has guided and supported Canela through a difficult period and into profitability. CBFS has not only helped me shape the strategy, but has also focussed on the detail of menu creation and service training. It has been a pleasure to work closely with many of the CBFS team, and I look forward to their help as I look to roll out my brand in the coming years.”

Susana Pascoal, Owner, CANELA CAFé