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Bob Bob Restaurants - CB Food Solutions

Bob Bob Restaurants

Bob Bob Ricard and sister restaurant Bob Bob Cite are two of the most talked about venues in London. Opulent interiors, lavish food and Champagne at the press of a button are some of the most talked about elements. However, Bob Bob has exquisite food and phenomenal service, and to be honest, has some excellent value. Of course, if you wish to spend, you can, but it is not necessary and simple things done well, such as pies, salads and great wine by the glass offer the ultimate experience, without the price tag.
Looks can deceive though, and the obviously expensive fit out and luxury interior by David Collins has invited much comment from the world of ‘experts’ out there. There are many more expensive restaurants out there than Bob Bob, but few offer the same quality and unique experience.
Chris has been working with Leonid Shutov to help him steer the vision of Bob Bob onto even greater success and transition through the departure of a famed, known chef. Chefs, however great, so tend to come and go, and we are confident that the new Bob Bob team will take the brilliant concept forward to greater success.