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I work with a multitude of businesses big and small, helping develop concepts, identifying and solving problems, overseeing and supporting operators, training and developing sustainable businesses.

Alongside one-off projects and consultancy, I often continue to provide many clients with expert support and business advice on a longer term, ongoing basis.

"Chris Barber has been a trusted partner of the Royal Albert Hall since 2010, giving wise advice to the Hall's team and also challenging the in-house caterers to reach new heights. Chris is creative yet pragmatic, highly knowledgeable about hospitality yet cognisant of the financial realities (of both the Hall and its caterer), able to think strategically about space/design/service-standards/logistics etc and he is a direct communicator whilst being full of tact and charm. I would recommend Chris wholeheartedly to any venue who needs a fresh view of how to move their catering forwards. "

James Ainscough, Chief Executive, The Royal Albert Hall