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Modern Indian restaurant launches in Wokingham

Chris met entrepreneur Jey Sachchi in summer 2019 and together they began planning for a new regional restaurant idea; Bombay Story

After a number of meetings with Jey and his partners, the team opted to run with a vision created by Chris; inspired by the Dabba Wallas of Mumbai, a modern Indian café.

Like Chris, Jey has Sri Lankan heritage so they share a passion for Asian food,  quickly joined thoughts and brought a design, brand and culinary teams together. Working with a world famous chef and the renowned designers Design LSM, the launch site in Wokingham goes live January 2021. Chris has used much of his own experience and close network to help deliver an important opening in the times of a global crisis.

Launching initially as a take away and delivery service (due to national lockdown) this is a brave step and the pioneering philosophy of Jey and his partners will give the business the best chance to succeed.

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