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The Future of Senior Living with Guild

Chris has been working alongside his old colleague from Cycas, Ingrid Van Veen to create the F&B visions for Guild Living.
Guild have in development 3 senior living villages in Bath, Epsom and Walton on Thames, with a 4th in Uxbridge just announced.
There will be cafe, bar, restaurant and a range of leisure facilities open to members, and the public.
The concept of senior living villages, or third age as we refer to it at Guild, is relatively new to UK, but this has been tried and tested around the world and will see massive UK growth in the coming years. As well as providing a vibrant town centre life for it’s members, third age living communities will also free up otherwise occupied 3 and 4 bedroom homes for families to move into, easing the housing crisis.
Guild Living is led by Eugene Marchese, and Michael Eggington, both hugely impressive and charismatic entrepreneurs.
Interiors and architecture is being put together by Marchese Partners, and Chris has been working with them to create the environment to complement the F&B and leisure.

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