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Latest News - CB Food Solutions

Dabbawalla Indian Kitchen Launches

The much anticipated launch of Dabbawalla Indian Kitchen is just days away, and is the culmination of many months of planning between Chris and Jey Sachchi. Chris used much of his own experience, naming the concept and bringing in his network including the amazing Design LSM team and life begins on 14th January as a take away and delivery only.



Relaunch for Victors and Neighbourhood

The new owners of these two successful brands reached out to us to help following the purchase from administration.

Both were victims of the times and despite great product, sites and a huge following, fell victim to the crisis. However the new owners engaged with us to help redefine the offers and despite a rocky few months, going in and out of lockdown, the future looks promising and these are brands which will thrive in the new normal.


Chris met entrepreneur Jey Sachchi in summer 2019 and together they began planning for a new regional restaurant idea; Dabbawalla.

After a number of meetings with Jey and his partners, the team opted to run with a vision created by Chris; inspired by the Dabba Wallas of Mumbai, a modern Indian café.

Like Chris, Jey has Sri Lankan heritage so they share a passion for Asian food,  quickly joined thoughts and brought a design, brand and culinary teams together. Working with a world famous chef and the renowned designers Design LSM, the launch site in Wokingham goes live mid December 2020.

The Portfolio Club with David Moore

Chris has teamed up with legendary restaurateur David Moore to create F&B concepts for a new long stay apartment/hotel concept based in prime central London locations. The first will be at the former Harrington Hall in South Kensington, with many more in the pipeline. The brand is pitched at the affordable luxury market, and post covid the desire for this quality within budget will be greater than ever before.

David is hugely renowned for his much loved Pied a Terre restaurant in Charlotte Street, but has also invested and mentored a whole range of successful businesses. David brings a different view; creative, intelligent and professional, working alongside Chris to share and enhance ideas.

There are several new openings from the owners in the pipeline, and we look forward to making the journey to launch and beyond a successful one.

iForce by Eddie Stobart

For over 20 years, iForce have been entrusted by some of the UK’s biggest brand names to help them maximise the potential of multi-channel retailing through supply chain and retail logistics services. iForce are now looking for F&B solutions within their brand new Centre of Excellence in Corby and we have been asked to help shape what the eventual offers may look like. This will be feeding the workforce in modern, innovative and in some cases, quirky ways, to ensure better than high street quality for the team; fun, engaging, healthy and nutritious food and drink will be served in a vibrant, contemporary space. We have used renowned hubs such as Google and Apple for inspiration, but this will very much be a unique venture.

Guild Living

It is an absolute pleasure to be working with Guild Living, as soon to come group of senior living villages across UK.
Guild Living will reinstate older people at the heart of our lives and communities. Guild Living is delivering academically-led, innovative ways to live independently in the heart of towns and city centres.
Working in partnership with Legal & General, one of the UK’s most trusted institutions, they are developing a deep and honest understanding of people’s loves, fears, wants and needs.
Hospitality, community, eating and drinking is a huge part of the Guild Living experience, and over the next few months we will be working together to create innovative, world class dining and drinking,

Tough Times

The current Coronavirus crisis is bringing the biggest challenge to the world in a generation. The impact of the situation will be catastrophic on hospitality. At present, we have no idea of how many of the current ‘temporary’ closures will become permanent. We also have no idea what kind of economy we will face when this is all over.
What we do know is that to survive, we will need to adapt. Even in the most impoverished, war torn societies, hospitality remains present. The new ‘normal’ will have to be considered as hotels, bars, restaurants and cafes regroup and relaunch.
CBFS will be there to support and guide the new and existing wave of hospitality businesses through the challenging times ahead and we have every confidence that though things will be very different, excellence will be rewarded.

Bob Bob Restaurants

Bob Bob Ricard and sister restaurant Bob Bob Cite are two of the most talked about venues in London. Opulent interiors, lavish food and Champagne at the press of a button are some of the most talked about elements. However, Bob Bob has exquisite food and phenomenal service, and to be honest, has some excellent value. Of course, if you wish to spend, you can, but it is not necessary and simple things done well, such as pies, salads and great wine by the glass offer the ultimate experience, without the price tag.
Looks can deceive though, and the obviously expensive fit out and luxury interior by David Collins has invited much comment from the world of ‘experts’ out there. There are many more expensive restaurants out there than Bob Bob, but few offer the same quality and unique experience.
Chris has been working with Leonid Shutov to help him steer the vision of Bob Bob onto even greater success and transition through the departure of a famed, known chef. Chefs, however great, so tend to come and go, and we are confident that the new Bob Bob team will take the brilliant concept forward to greater success.

Helping Steer The Collective F&B Vision

The Collective is an exciting and growing co-living environment with a huge emphasis on social activities. With sites in Old Oak Common and Canary Wharf, reputation and demand is growing.
F&B is key to the success, and whilst off to a good start, the owners wanted an overview of where the business was. Chris spent a couple of days viewing the operation, meeting with the staff and strategizing over how to make this great business, even better.
The Collective will go from strength to strength and there are exciting times ahead.
CBFS were delighted to be involved in the journey.

No1 Bruton and Merlin Labron Johnson

Aled Rees needed a bit of help with finding a catering partner to run his restaurant at his new hotel, No 1 Bruton. Our mutual friend, David Moore of Pied a Terre put us in contact and we met to discuss a few options. We the got into discussion with Merlin Labron Johnson, and the other potential operators fell into insignificance. Merlin was a clear first choice and the task for us was to find a mutually agreeable operating model.
It took a few meetings and great help from Graham Davies at Addition, but with little ado we got the deal done, and the venture launches in early November.
No1 Bruton
Osip restaurant