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Latest News - CB Food Solutions

Bid Writing for a major national contract with Sodexo

Being an expert in all elements of catering and hospitality puts us in a great position to create innovative and well structured tenders. Chris has had many years experience as a nationally acclaimed and much published writer and combines these skills with his food and drink and commercial acumen to deliver seamless results. Working alongside Sodexo with their creative team of Oliver and Siobhan Peyton, we have just completed a bid for one of the most important and iconic events of the season.

Harcourt Inns go from strength to strength

Chris has been helping Harcourt Inns during their set up and expansion, making the key introduction of Henry Harris as Chef Director. On the face of it, this may not have been an obvious choice; how would a restaurant chef adapt to pubs?

Having known Henry for many years, and knowing his food very well, the transition of his style of food into a more casual arena wasn’t really much of a leap at all, and he has proven to be an excellent addition to the team. Not only is he loved and followed by foodies and chance diners, with a very approachable and classic style of cooking, he also much loved by the media.

Given that the owners were new to hospitality, Chris felt an experienced hand in the kitchen was needed, and Henry Harris was the perfect fit to help in the kitchen, and way beyond. Already launched are The Coach, The Three Cranes, The Hero of Maida and The Crown, there will be more to come.

Finding the right partnerships, culturally and commercially, is a skill that Chris and CBFS demonstrate in every relationship, this being a prime example.

Platform – Exciting new social gaming centre opens

Platform is a new experiential dining concept which encouragers gamers and e sports fans to play in a social environment, with great food and drink. Chris met with the owners when the concept was being created, and guided them to launch. A key decision was to outsource the food element to an experience pizza operator, allowing the team to focus on their core strengths. Platform is a brilliant idea that will become a fantastic business, the owners are smart, young and driven, and I can see this concept rolling out into multiple global sites.

Chelsea Court Place, making a difference

Chelsea Court Place is an innovative and luxury care home for dementia sufferers. It uses the ethos of a luxury hotel to provide a level of service that its target audience will have enjoyed during better health. It is a hugely impressive venture created with the vision and backing of Laurence Geller. We are working with Laurence and his team to see how we can make the hospitality side of the business world class, and to create a template for future homes which are planned in London and beyond. This is a very important project and we are honoured to be part of it.

Chris appointed owner’s representative Down Hall Hotel

After creating a masterplan for the development of Down Hall, Chris has been appointed on a retained basis to drive the business forward in the coming months and years. On behalf of the owner, Chris will take responsibility for the exciting refurbishment plan, and will be implementing enhanced food, beverage and leisure services in the near future. There is already in place a high quality senior management team, and alongside Chris they will steer Down Hall to even greater heights.

The Mill at Sonning named UK’s most welcoming theatre…again

We are so proud to see that The Mill at Sonning has for the 3rd year running been named by the UK Theatre Awards as the most welcoming theatre. The good news is that The Mill will get even better, we have a new chef and F&B vision taking shape, and our dining room continues to evolve into a piece of art in its own right, with enormous vision from our interior design partners, Meraki. The brand, website and marketing has been transformed and brought to life by the brilliance of Mike Glasspell and his team at Oink.

The Waterwheel Bar is now open for lunch, and The Mill is a destination for theatre and leisure visitors with a world class offer.

Chris debates the GIG economy with Springboard and The Caterer

It is difficult to see how in the years ahead hospitality can survive without a flexible workforce. Despite the negativity in the press, this often suits workers and employers equally, and if properly and diligently managed, makes perfect sense for all. Chris Barber was delighted to join a discussion with Anthony Woodcock, founder of GigtoGig, The Caterer and Springboard charity on the subject.

The debate was held at the magnificent Charlotte Street Hotel in front of a packed industry audience.

Down Hall

Down Hall is an exceptional country house on the Essex/Hertfordshire border. The owners and management team have undertaken a period of review and analysis to forge the vision for the future of the property and have engaged us as an external expert advisor. Over the coming months we will be working on a masterplan for the next phase in the history of the hotel, and have many exciting plans and strategies in development. This will be ‘evolution’ as opposed to ‘revolution’, as we are dealing with a business which is already successful and growing. However, alongside the team, we will accelerate the project and exciting new additions will soon be in place.

The Association for Cultural Enterprises

We have recently joined the Association for Cultural Enterprises  as we look to increase our works in the cultural sector. Food, Beverage and hospitality is getting better and better within the sector, and operators need to be at the top of their game to meet the increasing guest expectation, Nowadays, you can dine in a theatre, museum or cafe as well as you can in a hotel or traditional restaurant site, and we are proud to be involved in some of the best. RSC Stratford, The Royal Albert Hall, Garsington Opera and The Mill at Sonning Theatre is a small sample of the clients we are working with, and we believe are the best in class.

Our ‘house style’ is based on knowledge, communication, leadership and taking ownership of decisions whilst remaining collaborative with the in house teams. Whether restaurant consultancy, hospitality advice, new concept development or F&B trouble shooting, we can make a difference to your business.

Chris Barber joining expert panel with Springboard, The Caterer and Gig

Chris Barber joining expert panel with Springboard, The Caterer and Gig at The Charlotte Street Hotel, 6th September 8-11am.

The GIG economy is vital to both workers and hospitality businesses, and we are delighted to join Antony Woodcock for the debate.