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Getting back to business - CB Food Solutions

Getting back to business

The sad news has been that many existing operators in hospitality and F&B have been mortally wounded by first Brexit, and then Covid delivering the knock out punch.

CBFS has seen big companies and clients close forever, others flipping with new investments, wiping out existing debt. We have not been immune to this, and have suffered industry losses in line with our operational partners.

We have survived, and had plenty of long term projects to keep us busy, and to keep the vital cashflow coming in to enable our continued success. Wherever we can, we have helped and taken on many pro bono projects, especially in our pet field, the arts.

There are examples of success, we launched Dabbawalla amidst the pandemic, and even starting life as a take away and delivery business, it has been a huge success.

My directorship of Mamma Dough | Sourdough Pizza, the much renowned South London craft pizza collection, has had many challenges, but continued to trade well through the pandemic, and now looks forward to further growth and success.

The churn of business means more opportunity, a chance to reinvent and maximise the bounce back for hospitality – we look forward to our next challenges.