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Harcourt Inns go from strength to strength - CB Food Solutions

Harcourt Inns go from strength to strength

Chris has been helping Harcourt Inns during their set up and expansion, making the key introduction of Henry Harris as Chef Director. On the face of it, this may not have been an obvious choice; how would a restaurant chef adapt to pubs?

Having known Henry for many years, and knowing his food very well, the transition of his style of food into a more casual arena wasn’t really much of a leap at all, and he has proven to be an excellent addition to the team. Not only is he loved and followed by foodies and chance diners, with a very approachable and classic style of cooking, he also much loved by the media.

Given that the owners were new to hospitality, Chris felt an experienced hand in the kitchen was needed, and Henry Harris was the perfect fit to help in the kitchen, and way beyond. Already launched are The Coach, The Three Cranes, The Hero of Maida and The Crown, there will be more to come.

Finding the right partnerships, culturally and commercially, is a skill that Chris and CBFS demonstrate in every relationship, this being a prime example.