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Tasty menu for food festival – Henley Standard - CB Food Solutions

Tasty menu for food festival – Henley Standard

Article by Richard Reed (extracts)

Support for the Henley Food Festival continues to grow and now a total of 22 organisations have stepped forward to sponsor the event.

Some of the most prestigious chefs in the country will be on hand to demonstrate their culinary skills, and other items are being planned to entertain and inform the 10,000 visitors expected to attend the two-day festival…

Chris Barber, a former local chef and now in charge of Leiths Food Solutions Ltd, will be hosting the demonstrations. He said: “I am thrilled that the best chefs in the area have all accepted the invitation to appear, and with such diversity on offer – from Mary Berry to Raymond Blanc – there will be something for everyone.

“I am particularly proud to have two of the hottest young stars involved, Tom Kerridge and Mike North, both local and both with Michelin stars.”